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Der Gessner

Writing, drawing, sketching - unthinkable without the pencil. Anyone who seriously studies pencil history will not be able to oversee Conrad Gessner. The Swiss natural scientist sketched this wooden pencil over 400 years ago.


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The Gesner pencil occupies a singular place in pencil history. It was described and sketched by the Swiss naturalist Conrad Gesner (or Gessner) in a book published in 1567 and is the first reference to a pencil of any kind ever found. The recently made “Der Gesner” leadholder is a reproduction of Gesner's pencil based on his description and sketch. The sketch is very small and diagrammatic so there is no way to be certain how the clutch worked and what shape the lead was (I would guess squareish).

Последната снимка е точна скица на първия молив в света от 1567 година.

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